Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Week 5 ~ July 14, 2015

Hola All!

One more week left here in beautiful Mexico City at the Missionary Training Center! Time has flown by!

I have the opportunity to talk to a Latino lady at church this sunday and she was the Sweetest! We talked about her kids who are all grown up and her experiences and her membership in the church. I was SO happy: I could understand 90% of what she said and the rest I could guess by context clues! Yay!

Every Sunday before church everyone writes a talk from the given topics and then when you get to church in the meeting they say, in Spanish, ¨And now we will hear from four misionaries...¨ and then they name them and you pray you don´t hear your name. Well this week my name was called and so I had the privilege to speak. For the first 3 mionutes I tried to read what I had written but then I closed my notebook and just talked. The words came and I was able to say everything that I wanted. It was an amazing feeling and testimony to me that if I open my mouth the spirit of the Lord will help me convey the messages from on high. Of course my EspaƱol is FAR from perfect, it´s pretty terrible, but the Latino lady gave me a hug when I sat down and said she could understand everything I was talking about perfectly (At least I think that´s what she said). And that really is what matters, that my message got across.

So funny story now, Every Single Week we watch a slide show of persons leaving and they always do this super comically dramatic walking picture. Like you see in the movies, walking away from an explosion but we´re just walking away from... nothing like the mountain or something. So as I do, I thought it would be so funny if someone fell in it and THAT picture was up on the screen. And so while we took our pictures yesterday when she said three I ¨fell¨ and it was super funny! We all raced over to look at the picture: perfect! All these amazingly good-looking missionaries walking and then me, on the ground.  She said she couldn´t put it up on the screen but hopefully that gem will be coming to you all by next week!

During our classes we do many practices with each other with different situation and goals in mind. Our teacher will take four of us outside and give us a profile or situation or problem we have as a certain investigator and then the other four inside try to prepare for whatever is happening outside. 

Once this week my companion, Hermana Hansen, and I were paired together and she was the investigator. Before I could even start talking she handed me the study materials in her hand and said: ¨I don´t want these lessons anymore. You worship Joseph Smith and you don´t believe in Jesus Christ.¨ I was so taken aback. I sat there for a minute and recognized that I felt so hurt hearing this about the thing I cherished most in the world and was taking 18 months of my life to teach about. I calmly took out the Book of Mormon and pointed to the cover which said, ¨Another Testament of Jesus Christ.¨ Then I pulled out the first lesson pamphlet and pointed to the cover and asked, ¨and who is this?¨  ¨Christ....¨ I then bore my testimony that this gospel is about Nothing BUT Jesus Christ and how terribly important Christ and his gospel is to me personally and how it has blessed my life. I have never felt so strongly teaching. Only when your very beliefs are challenged do you find out how much they truly mean to you. Stand up and testify and you will feel invigorated and strengthened by the powers of heaven.

I love my experiences on my mission so far! I love my district! They´re great!! We´ve all become really close friends and brothers and sisters in this great work. I cannot wait to get out in California next Wednesday and share this Beautiful message of Christ and what his life can bring into your life and the life of your family. I love these Latino people! :)

Thanks everyone! Have a great week!

Hermana Taylor
Mexico City, Mexico
Missionary Training Center

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