Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Hermana Taylor Here! ~ October 19, 2015


Your California missionary here with another amazing week to report on!

So my new companion is Sister Hill from Missouri! They just did a little flip in our apartment , so now Sister Hill's with me and Sister Reyes is with Sister Harward (Sister Hill's previous comp). It's a little weird to all still be in the same casa just flip flopped but it has been great, I loved Sister Hill to death already then she became my amazing companion! Sister Hill is fantastic and I have already learned so much from her! We are very excited for this transfer and all the miracles we will see and the people we will meet, teach, and help come closer to Christ.

So Sister Hill has only been out one transfer longer than me! And go figure, neither of us know Spanish! We've hit language study hard and talked a lot more. This week has been an incredible experience with an impressive learning curve! It's really been birth by fire because both of our trainers were natives so we could just rely on them for everything. Now, it's you understand and talk or you don't teach or even communicate at all. I Love It! I have never felt more comfortable with the language in being able to speak or understand. I am to the point where I can start to joke around with people in Spanish (aka be myself) and it has been great because it really opens people up and builds that bond between us even more.

Lalo and Christian Pantoja, my recent converts, are doing really well! Lalo told us that he wants to go on a mini mission! I am so excited for him, can't wait! And Christian, wow, I have literally never heard such cute and sincere prayers. Every time he prays I smile because he ays something completely unexpected and perfect like: Please help my mom to get baptized so we can go to heaven together or help Lalo to go on a mission and then me to go too when I'm old enough. It gives me so much joy to be part of these wonderful lives! I love this work!

We had a beautiful baptism on Saturday for Juan! He was such a ready person; it's been great to see how the Lord prepares people to receive the gospel into their lives and Juan was definitely one of them! I know the Lord has sent me to California to find, teach, and help these people on their way to a new life in Christ. I have had the amazing opportunity to see Juan an others enter into that new life by way of baptism. It is the most sweet joy to see someone you love and have taught for weeks in that special moment. I am so excited for Juan! He is so great! It was also the most smooth sailing baptism I have ever experienced! Everything seemed to go just perfectly!

Right after the baptism I started to feel awfully nauseous. We had a missionary event we were singing for and the moment we got there I found myself on the floor of the bathroom with my head over the bowl. My sweet but helpless companion outside the stall occasionally asking if I was okay and if there was anything she could do. I am sure it was a silly sight to see! When I felt okay enough to leave the bathroom we went to the chapel, sang (nailed it) and then went right back to my spot on the tile. Sister Hill told me I was Super pale and "clammy" which I didn't even know what that meant but a worried looking mother informed me that Sister Hill was right, I was definitely pale and "clammy". I spent the next hour either sleeping on the couch with the worried mother over me every 5 minutes and the bathroom floor. What a night! :)

I love this work! I am so blessed to be here with these amazing people! I love this work and I am so happy and blessed to be here!

Thanks everyone!

Your Missionary Gal ~ September 28, 2015

Hola everyone!

This week has been pretty intense and inspiring at the same time! But we have had some truly incredible and humbling experiences. I love this work and the people I have and will meet!

On Tuesday we went to the hospital with the Elders in our ward to visit a non member Stephanie and her 11 month old daughter Liabelle who is in intensive care because she is in a coma and experiencing seizures every 3-5 minutes. Stephanie greeted us with a huge smile and hugs despite her situation. The Elders gave a blessing to Liabelle and hearing the beautiful blessing and seeing that tiny frame undergoing so much was hard for anyone in the room to keep a dry eye. We then gave Stephanie a message about hope and faith. She is possibly the strongest person I have ever met. She told us that her personal faith had wavered the day before and she had been a little upset with God but that that night she had asked Heavenly Father for forgiveness. She is so positive and trusting in God at this time even though things are not getting better. I know that I personally as well as everyone who has encountered Stephanie and Liabelle have been strengthened and uplifted simply by being in the same room as these two amazing daughters of God.

We started teaching a lady named Haydee this week who has stage 4 cancer. The elders and us went and we had a mini church/sacrament meeting with her and her 15 year old daughter Ashley all in Spanish of course. We had an opening song and prayer, they took the sacrament, and then we had a mini testimony meeting the 6 of us. The four missionaries bore their testimonies and then Haydee bore hers.. She talked about her situation and how it was really scary for her and the biggest thing that stood out to me that she said was "No quiero morir." Or I don't want to die. This hit me and everyone pretty hard and there were quite a few tears shed. But she said that she wants to be baptized. That she knows if she is baptized, even if she does pass away she will be able to live with her Father in Heaven and her family forever. She is truly an amazing lady.

Friday we had a double baptism for our investigator Cristian, Lalo's brother, and the other Hermana's investigator Eriverto. Things were kind of hectic because we didn't get the programs until the last moment and they had the wrong information, our Mission Leader was 30 minutes late and we had already started, we didn't have a pianist or hymn books in Spanish, Lalo is a brand new member of one month and so he didn't have the words memorized for the prayer, we didn't have a video presentation set up like usual, and to top it off our Mission President showed up to watch the missionaries running around trying to fix everything haha. We got some ice cream after that. But, the important thing is that the spirit was there and two amazing people were able to enter into a promise with our Father in Heaven to serve Him and be an example of Jesus Christ. They were so happy after and it was such a great feeling to have helped them get there.

We went to a baptism of one of Sister Reyes' investigators and when we got there only some members were in the room. They told us they thought they were in the gym. When we walked in there was quite a scene to behold. The lady, Rafaela, getting baptized was in her white dress sobbing on the ground over her special needs son Sammy who was lying there screaming in pain. He had apparently fallen off the stage and couldn't move and was very scared. The ambulance came and they put Sammy on the stretcher to take him to the hospital but Rafaela stopped and told us she still wanted to get baptized first. We tried to convince her to go but she told us she knew what she needed to do and that she needed to have faith. She sent her daughter to the hospital with Sammy and we had an opening prayer, the baptism, and a closing prayer. The faith of this mother was absolutely incredible to me. The situation seemed so overwhelming but in Rafaela's mind there was still a promise with God to be made and she knew blessings would come if she put Him first. We found out later Sammy had broken his femur and had surgery and is now doing much better. I really love and admire these people!

Later in the week Hermana Reyes and I went back to see Stephanie and Liabelle and she is doing a little better and Stephanie was as positive as ever! On our way out we saw a big group of people outside of the room of a middle aged man. We talked to a couple of them with some words of comfort and they said he was going to pass on. As we were leaving we made a silly wrong turn down the hall and immediately realizing our mistake turned around and stopped. In front of us on the other side of the intersecting hall was a woman crying. The spirit hit us, hard, and there was no doubt in our minds what we needed to do. We went over and simply told her that her Heavenly Father loves her and is mindful of her and that she is not alone and then she started crying harder and we hugged her for a long time. It was as if her spirit was crying out as well, it was one of the strongest spiritual experiences I have ever had. After, we talked about all of the things that lead up to us seeing her: meeting Stephanie and Liabelle, the woman's loved one being put on the Pediatrics floor of the hospital same wing as Liabelle when he's an older man, us going at that exact moment to see them, us making a wrong turn even though we knew exactly where we were going. Everything aligned perfectly for us to see and comfort that woman. The Lord and Spirit work in miraculous ways and He is always lovingly mindful of us and our needs.

I know Heavenly Father loves each of us so dearly! It helps me remember his love for me when I can feel his all encompassing love for those around me. I am so blessed to be here teaching and serving these people here in California, specifically in the Spanish language.

Thank you everyone for your prayers and support! I can feel them and I am so very grateful! I hope everyone has a great week!

Hermana Taylor

Confessions of a California Hermana :) ~ September 7, 2015

Hello Everyone!

I hope you are doing amazingly! How did looking for the miracles in you life go this week? Everything is going pretty great here in California! Hermana Reyes and I are working pretty hard to get a solid investigator pool going! I love this work! Keep praying for the gift of Tongues and discernment!!

So yes, I am getting chubby, it's sad but true, what can you do though. The members here love feeding you and it's like how much you eat equals how much you like the food/love them. So I love them A LOT! No one judge me when I come home 200 pounds!  We also have a Casa (house) prank rivalry going on right now! So exciting! we scared the daylights out of Sister Harward!! Then They got us GOOD! So we stringed their room :) Picture included haha

So last week during my personal study I went to grab my Book of Mormon to study and it wasn't there... I checked everywhere. I asked Sister Reyes: "Did we give away a Book of Mormon yesterday in English because I can't find mine?" We couldn't think of anyone though. Then, in the middle of the day, it hit me!! So, we had been driving around and seen a homeless man and I had rolled my window to give him an unopened water bottle I hadn't drank yet and then we got the bright idea to reach in the back seat with our stuff and give him a Book of Mormon too...  Yep, I gave my Mission Book of Mormon to a homeless person. SO Funny, I couldn't believe it! :)

We visited Martha this week but unfortunately not her son. But she said after we taught her the plan of Salvation that she knew we weren't like other churches because she could feel it. She said it felt like she was in the presence of God when she was listening to us and we explained that the feeling is the spirit testifying of truth. I love Martha! I can't wait to see her and her son this week!

Lalo is doing amazingly and asked us if he could get a Preach My Gospel (a book for missionaries we study) in Spanish so he could start preparing for a mission in a year. Wow. I am blown away by him each and every week. All his siblings came to church yesterday! It was a beautiful sight! Now we just need the Mom and Dad on board!

So Hermanas Reyes and one of our house mates Hermana Harward got sick and so Hermana Hill and I went out. Hermana Hill and I are both very new in the mission and know Very little Spanish so going out alone was a tad bit scary. For the first time ever in my mission we knocked on a few doors of people we didn't know. It was so weird to tract since we'd just gotten all our investigators from contacting on the street or members. The first two doors were busts but the next 4 doors had families behind them who we got return appointments with and taught a lesson about Jesus Christ. It was amazing to see in what marvelous ways the Lord works. We know they felt the spirit. 

I am so blessed to be here! I love this work and bringing families closer to Christ! I love this scripture, it explains beautifully the Love God has for us! All He does is for US.

2 Nefi 26:24
"He doeth not anything save it be for the benefit of the world; for he loveth the world, even that he layeth down his own life that he may draw all men unto him. Wherefore, he commandeth none that they shall not partake of his salvation."

Love you all,

Hermana Taylor

From your Missionary in California ~ Octubre 12, 2015

Hello everyone!

Another week gone by! It has been 4 months since I left good ol' Oklahoma. It's crazy how time flies by! Before ya know it gordita Hermana Taylor will be home!

I hope everyone picked their 'ponderizing' scripture for this next week! So for those of you who don't know one of the leaders in the church asked us to start picking one scripture a week, writing it down, and putting it somewhere where we will see it all the time. Pondering + Memorizing = Ponderizing. Then throughout the week you read it, think about it, and ponder it. It will help us keep spiritually in our lives and the scriptures in our minds and hearts always! I love it and I think everyone should do it!

Juan is one of our investigators who had a baptismal date then got in a fight with his uncle who's a member and decided he wanted nothing to do with the church and threw away the Book of Mormon. But we kept texting him because we didn't want to give up on him and this week he texted back and asked us to come over. He said he knew he was in the wrong in blaming the church. He said that he knows that he felt that these things are true and he knows God wants him to be baptized! So, now he is getting baptized this next weekend and is so strong and so sure! I am so very excited for him! It was a stressful, up and down process but he is on his way now!

At a Zone Training Meeting (ZTM) this week, we did several role plays or practice teaching another missionary in front of our zone which usually no one enjoys. But, two sets of Elders went first and it was really good and we all learned a lot then, it was Sister Hill and I's turn to role play teach Sister Unga playing as an investigator Ana. We
were teaching how the Spirit or Holy Ghost testifies that things are true and how we can know we have received answers to our prayers by recognizing the spirit. We taught her just like we would any other lesson (except in English and with Sister Hill as my comp) and when we finished we took our eyes off "Ana" (Sister Unga) looking around to the 18 missionaries and everyone was silent. The room was filled with the spirit. It was amazing to see how these role plays which usually are a joke became something so real and spiritual. It was a beautiful meeting.

Haydee had another round of Chemo this week and so it was rough to teach her so we just stopped by to say hi a few times and went with the Elders yesterday while they gave her the sacrament. We have been teaching her 15 yer old daughter though Ashley and she is so strong! I'm really hoping we can make a difference in this family's life and everyone else we meet too!

My companion also got an in-zone transfer call on Saturday! So I'll be getting a new companion again tomorrow for this next transfer (6 weeks)! Keep praying for my Spanish! It gets better all the time.

The thought this week was sent to me by my lovely grandma and I love it! I really have been able to see that love Heavenly Father has for all of His children through working with and serving them. It is a truly amazing thing! "Our Father in Heaven has a love for us that is perfect and never-ending.  Our vision and understanding is limited,
but our Father knows what will promote our greatest happiness and eternal joy.” Joseph Smith

Love you all and so does your Heavenly Father! I hope you have a tremendous week!

Take care,
Hermana Taylor

From Last Week ~ October 12, 2015

Hello all!

Last week we had a Zone activity at the beach on Monday so we weren't able to email so here is a quick review of highlights from that week!

We had the opportunity to go to the Oakland Temple last Friday and it was an incredible experience. It was so beautiful and so peaceful there. I could really feel the love of my Heavenly Father so strongly within those walls of that stunning, eternal palace of God. I encourage all who can to attend one of the temples either inside or at
a visitors' center nearby you! The temple is a literal piece of heaven on earth and I love it there. I cannot wait to enter its' doors to be sealed one day to my future husband for time and all eternity, what an amazing day that will be.

We also had General Conference last weekend, which is where the prophet and apostles for the whole world speak to us from Heavenly Father about how we can strengthen ourselves and our families in an ever growing sinful and treacherous world. I am so grateful for the words of these men called of God to offer council and guidance for us every six months. I absolutely loved their words! It gave me so much motivation and hope to be a better person and missionary!!

Liabelle is still doing well and Stephanie is still as strong and inspiring as ever. We taught her and her husband Cristian The Plan of Salvation and they loved it and said they felt the spirit and that it was true. I am so excited for them!

Spiritual thought for the week! "Reach up, not out." - Robert D. hales, Quorum of the 12 Apostles. I love this! We need to always rely on our Heavenly Father first! He is our loving Father in Heaven and wants to help us with everything we will entrust to His care.

Thank you all for your love and support!

Hermana Taylor
1520 Branham Ln. Apt. #50
San Jose, CA

Sister Shake-Up ~ October 12, 2015

Hello :)

So... My companion got a transfer call on Saturday. So I'll get another new comp! There was this whole dramatic inter mission thing that happened but, out of it Hermana Hill, Reyes, and I all found out beforehand that we're switching companions. Explanation: Sister Reyes is becoming Coordinating Sister Training Leader with Hermana Harward already in our casa (now, coordinating STL in our mission is Huge, she's the sister form of Assistant to the president or AP, she'll be prez's right hand woman with sister Harward helping decide transfers and going on exchanges throughout the mission and what not) and so, they decided to switch us comps. Sister Hill is moving to be my comp and sister Reyes will be Sister Harward's comp. Craziness.

In our casa-
So before:    Sister Taylor/Reyes + Sister Hill/Harward  = quadpanionship
After tomorrow: Sister Taylor/Hill + Sister Harward/Reyes (Co. STLs) = quadpanionship

Honestly, this is how I feel: Sister Hill is my best friend on the mission so I am super stoked to be comps! We already made comp goals on an exchange and we're totally on the same page. I'm also nervous but very excited because my Spanish will explode this transfer. Sister Hill has been out one transfer longer than me but, her trainer didn't let her speak in any lessons so she knows Very little Spanish. So that means I will be talking a lot and we'll be working super hard with language study and practicing and everything because neither of us know what we're doing! So! It will be amazing to have to rely completely and utterly on the spirit because half the time I still don't understand what people are saying! So nervous to teach but also very excited to be serving with her and in this situation. We will see many miracles! I hope all that made sense. I'm wondering if I'll ever get a comp for longer than a transfer, it's like I keep running everyone off!

So, Maria's husband/ Lalo's dad is the most frustrating person I know, so mean. He gets drunk all day everyday and everyone in the family is scared of him. He is so controlling. He never lets Maria do ANYTHING, church, get baptized, lessons even. But! We got an exciting text from Lalo, my recent convert, saying that his dad left the house. So we immediately put shoes on and left calling Maria's member friend. We had an amazing lesson and though she was sad about her husband she said she would go to the temple with our member and to church and
wants to get baptized in 2 weeks! It was awesome. Then... Friday, the dad came back and everything is, yet again, destroyed. She couldn't go to the temple or come to church and neither did Lalo or Christian, my recents. She has tricked herself into thinking this is a good thing he's back for the kids but obviously it's not good to see your father consistently drunk and yelling and scaring everyone. That family needs a lot of prayers so send them their way.

You all are amazing and my support. Thanks for being who you are and I hope you all have an incredible week!! :)

Hermana Taylor

Three Months In ~ September 21, 2015

Hola all!

 We met a new family this week! Cynthia and Ramon are the parents and they have 3 young kids and also live with Ramon's parents. We were walking to an appointment who turns out wasn't even there and we saw this family so of course we stopped and talked with them and they said we could come back later that week. We showed the Because He Lives video about Jesus Christ and it was an amazing spirit. After they talked a while to Hermana Reyes and I thought they were saying they had another church and they were fine and didn't want to hear more. So, I bore my testimony as strongly as I could and the room was dead silent with all eyes on my. I told them about eternal families and how the gospel and Christ can bless us incredibly! After we said goodbye and I was a little bummed but Hermana Reyes was like, "That was Awesome!" and I was super confused! She explained that they did say they went to another church... but it had burnt down and so they didn't have anywhere to go! I read the entire conversation completely wrong. It was an epic Espanol fail moment! Keep praying for my Spanish!!

 We also have Cristian Pantoja getting baptised by his brother Lalo this weekend! Pray that all goes well with that!!

 We went to see a referral this week named Maria but we weren't sure which door it was. So we knocked on the first and asked for Maria and they said that she was around back so we went and taught a lesson and they invited us back this next week! Then we were walking back around and decided to knock on the second door because why not and, oh my goodness, there was a Maria there and SHE was the Maria who'd seen and met with missionaries before! How amazing!

 Saturday was a long, tough day. When we got in the car to go home and Sister Reyes was backing me up, I prayed out loud and asked heavenly Father to help me because I was feeling pretty down about the day and was not in the best mood. Just a quick Heavenly Father please, please help me. I came home exhausted and pretty down and we checked the mail and I had a package! From my best friend Lexy Morton! I almost cried but because I knew this was Heavenly Father's message to me saying that it's gonna be okay and He and others love me. It was amazing, and I'm sooo grateful to Lexy for her inspiration of sending the package when she did. :) That's what twins/best friends are for!

 One of the best things I learned from my Dad growing up is this quote: "Don't just have a good day, MAKE it a good day." I know this is so true! It is all about our attitudes and how we think, what we say, and how we react. (Thanks Mitch!)

 My challenge this week is when you're in a tough spot or really feeling down about something, say a prayer, out loud if you can. I know Heavenly Father hears our prayers. I know He is our loving Father in heaven and is just waiting for us to call out to Him for help! I know it! And I am so grateful for this knowledge and the experiences that I have had with it.

Love you all,
Hermana Taylor

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

On Miracles ~ August 31, 2015

Sometimes it's hard: our investigators drop us, our bap dates fall through, our friends or family are having a hard time, our companions leave us after 5 weeks or we get a hard comp, or the less actives we've been visiting for weeks promise to and then Never come to church. But through all this we see so many miracles! Cada dia nosotros tenemos muchos milagros que ayudanos a peseverar y nostros sabemos que Dios nos ama mucho y es siempre aqui para nosotros. Y nuestros investagadores y menos activas y todos pueden cambiar y todo que nostros podemos es tratar con diligencia y fuerza y fe y Dios nos ayudara. 

I don't know why I went all spanish I just love this language and these people and everything that we do here on the mission every day. Sometimes I feel like im not doing enough or am not successful but then we will meet one person or have one lesson that I just think. Wow. It's all worth it. All the heartache and sorrow in behalf of these precious souls is worth it. When you see the smile on the face of you investigator as he comes out of the waters of baptism after 3 weeks of changing his life completely around. The joy you feel as your less active family for the first time in 5 months walks in the chapel. The tears you cry when you teach a deaf and mute young man about jesus christ through spelling out spanish words using sign language and writing things down becuase that's the only way you can communicate (And I was sad about MY not being able to talk to people, lessons). When you teach someone who has never prayed in their entire life how to pray. Tehse moments are the most beautiful things in the world and I get to experience them. Heavenly Father chose Me to come and be graced with teaching and helping these spirits. Wow, it is just So worth it. All the bad is completely and utterly worth it.

H. Taylor

Hola ~ August 24, 2015

Hello Everyone!

Sorry I was unable to email the last couple weeks! Our Zone, a group of us missionaries went to the Beach! It was super fun! And so so pretty! I love California!

Hermana Quintana and I have seen so many miracles! I LOVE being a missionary! I love the schedule where I always feel like I'm doing something important and worth while, I love how I am always so worried and
concerned about our investigators (the people we teach) and talking to everyone we possibly can on the streets, and I love the feeling or making a difference. I have seen this message touch lives already! It is beautiful!

I have met So many amazing and incredible people here in California! I am positive that they have changed my life way more than I have changed theirs. The Spanish is a hard thing. It sometimes is really frustrating when I feel as though I can't always communicate. I can talk A LOT better than I can understand. It Kills me. I want to understand and help these people so badly but many times I can't understand fully what they are saying. So if everyone can pray for me and ask everyone they know to pray for me that I can have the gift of tongues and discernment. So I can help these amazing people come unto Christ. I know that even with this language
barrier I can still bring the spirit of the Lord through the simple, precious truths of the gospel and my testimony and the spirit is always the teacher anyway.

There is not a scarier, more stressful, nerve-racking time for a missionary than Sunday at church. When you've worked So hard all week to visit and teach and invite and share and work to help people come unto Christ by
keeping commitments like reading their scriptures, praying, and Coming To Church. And they tell you they will come to church and you sit there praying so hard that they're the next ones to walk in the chapel because
Sacrament Meeting starts in 2 minutes or even better started 5-10 minutes ago... Every week. It's terible! But when they walk in the chapel it is the BEST feeling and you thank Heavenly Father every second of that meeting
they are there. So stressful but So rewarding :)
Yesterday we were blessed to have another baptism. It is amazing for me because this is a person that we Found, Taught, and Baptised. It was incredible.

We had a baptism last Sunday of a 10 year old adorable girl named Jazzy!
She was so excited and it was great! It was a miracle that her Mom agreed!
We were very happy :)

We had the amazing pleasure to witness another baptism of our incredible investigator Lalo. He is so special and dear to my heart because he was someone that we Found, taught All the lessons to, and was able to see
baptised all within the Month of August! It is so amazing to see how the Lord truly does prepare people to receive the gospel of Jesus Christ in their lives. I am so blessed to have been able to be a part of his conversion and see Christ change his life completely! He could not stop smiling yesterday and he told us that he felt completely different and at peace and happy. I am SO HAPPY for him!

Hermana Quintana leaves tomorrow for her home. She has served amazingly these past 18 months and I am so glad I was able to have her as my companion and trainer these 5 weeks! Everyone pray also that I can have the
help and guidance from God to be able to lead this area and help and teach the people here with my new companion!

There is no other place in the entire world I would rather be than right here in California on a mission teaching this beautiful gospel! I love you all!! Email or write me with any questions! :)

H. Taylor :)

P Day Hike ~ August 17, 2015

Or I Should Say Hola! ~ August 3, 2015

Hello all!
I guess I should say Hola now! I love my Los Alamitos ward here in beautiful San Jose, California! It's been going great! I absolutely LOVE my companion! So here's a typical day in the life of Hermana Taylor and Quintana: 6:30 wake up and exercise, 7:00 Personal study, 8:00 get ready for the day and breakfast, 9:00 Companion study, 10:00 Service time!, 12:00 Lunch/ Language Study, 1:00-9:00 Contact (talk and teach people on the street or in parks), teach at our investigators homes, and visit less actives and new members, with dinner around 6:00, 9:00 Plan for next day and lessons, 9:45 change and get ready for bed, 10:30 Bed! Sleep and repeat! It's sometimes pretty crazy but days don't seem that long with this amazing work we're doing and the amazing people we meet and teach!
So my mission is California San Jose mission with 11 areas and stakes, our mission has 7 different languages that we have missionaries teaching in (crazy). This mission is incredible and are the missionaries here and people. The members are outstanding and help out a lot!
I received package from my family and it was perfect! Tons of rice krispies and notes which are two of my favorite things!! Wednesday was a Goooood day!
This week we went to the temple visiter center with two of our investigators and it was an incredible experience! They could definitely feel the spirit so strongly. The Oakland temple is gorgeous! We have been so blessed :) Also teaching an investigator for the first time yesterday and when we asked him to, when he knows these things are true, to be baptised he said: Oh, I already feel that they are true, it makes complete sense and I've been reading the Book of Mormon too. We were blown away!! Amazing! :) Miracles for sure!

We were contacting yesterday and talked to a woman and she said for us to come back tomrorrow and get homemade tamales. So we did and this woman who we just met yesterday gave us 8 hot, fresh Mexican tamales and said for us to come back and teach her this week :)
I love this work and I know the Savior is at the head, leading and guiding us to those people who are ready and willing to receive the gospel! Pray for the people we teach, I pray for all of you! I love you all have a great week!!
Hermana Taylor
California San Jose Mission

Officially A California Missionary ~ July 27, 2015

Hello All,
Well this week was Super exciting! I absolutely LOVE it here in California already! i am in the San Jose South area and my companion and trainer is Hermana Quintana from Utah. She is a fluent Spanish speaker and I love her so much! We are great together!

I left Mexico at 2:30 am on Wednesday. The Brother who drove me didn't stop at a red light and I just thought um... okay. He then turned to me and said, "We have to run all the lights because otherwise robbers might try something." So yea, we ran every light all the way to the airport and I was okay with that!
I spent 2 hours at the airport waiting for my flight talking in my broken Spanish to a darling lady named Maria! We talked about her life and about the gospel of Jesus Christ. I taught her about the Plan of Salvation and what happens after this life. We exchanged emails and pictured of Christ. She is the sweetest and gave me a huge hug before we left! I love these people!
When I arrived to the mission field we went straight out to contact! It was scary at first but honestly such an incredibly experience! We talked to one young lady named Melissa who's going though some hard times. We gave her the Book of Mormon and told her about a church function that night and she seemed really interesting. Later that night she came in crying and said that she had been reading the Book of Mormon and wanted to be baptised. Wow. It was an amazing experience that really showed me that everyone I talk to can really be ready and can change their lives.
At a members house on Thursday he asked if I liked spicy things (all in Espanol) and I said yes and he got up and came back with a bucket of JalapeƱos and plopped a big one down on my plate. I told him I wasn't scared and ate the whole thing! Eek! They all took pictures of me eating it haha. Then I took another out and put it on HIS plate and he laughed then ate it.
I love the people here in San Jose already. I am so blessed to be here and experience the beautiful change that is possible though our Savior, Jesus Christ. My Spanish still has a long way to go, and I have many lives to touch and people to help, but I know that with the help of Christ and guidance of the Spirit I can be an aid and inspiration for people who want to change thier lives for the better. I love this gospel and this opportunity I have to share it here in California!
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Adios everyone!
Hermana Taylor