Tuesday, December 22, 2015

From your Missionary in California ~ Octubre 12, 2015

Hello everyone!

Another week gone by! It has been 4 months since I left good ol' Oklahoma. It's crazy how time flies by! Before ya know it gordita Hermana Taylor will be home!

I hope everyone picked their 'ponderizing' scripture for this next week! So for those of you who don't know one of the leaders in the church asked us to start picking one scripture a week, writing it down, and putting it somewhere where we will see it all the time. Pondering + Memorizing = Ponderizing. Then throughout the week you read it, think about it, and ponder it. It will help us keep spiritually in our lives and the scriptures in our minds and hearts always! I love it and I think everyone should do it!

Juan is one of our investigators who had a baptismal date then got in a fight with his uncle who's a member and decided he wanted nothing to do with the church and threw away the Book of Mormon. But we kept texting him because we didn't want to give up on him and this week he texted back and asked us to come over. He said he knew he was in the wrong in blaming the church. He said that he knows that he felt that these things are true and he knows God wants him to be baptized! So, now he is getting baptized this next weekend and is so strong and so sure! I am so very excited for him! It was a stressful, up and down process but he is on his way now!

At a Zone Training Meeting (ZTM) this week, we did several role plays or practice teaching another missionary in front of our zone which usually no one enjoys. But, two sets of Elders went first and it was really good and we all learned a lot then, it was Sister Hill and I's turn to role play teach Sister Unga playing as an investigator Ana. We
were teaching how the Spirit or Holy Ghost testifies that things are true and how we can know we have received answers to our prayers by recognizing the spirit. We taught her just like we would any other lesson (except in English and with Sister Hill as my comp) and when we finished we took our eyes off "Ana" (Sister Unga) looking around to the 18 missionaries and everyone was silent. The room was filled with the spirit. It was amazing to see how these role plays which usually are a joke became something so real and spiritual. It was a beautiful meeting.

Haydee had another round of Chemo this week and so it was rough to teach her so we just stopped by to say hi a few times and went with the Elders yesterday while they gave her the sacrament. We have been teaching her 15 yer old daughter though Ashley and she is so strong! I'm really hoping we can make a difference in this family's life and everyone else we meet too!

My companion also got an in-zone transfer call on Saturday! So I'll be getting a new companion again tomorrow for this next transfer (6 weeks)! Keep praying for my Spanish! It gets better all the time.

The thought this week was sent to me by my lovely grandma and I love it! I really have been able to see that love Heavenly Father has for all of His children through working with and serving them. It is a truly amazing thing! "Our Father in Heaven has a love for us that is perfect and never-ending.  Our vision and understanding is limited,
but our Father knows what will promote our greatest happiness and eternal joy.” Joseph Smith

Love you all and so does your Heavenly Father! I hope you have a tremendous week!

Take care,
Hermana Taylor

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