Tuesday, December 22, 2015

From Last Week ~ October 12, 2015

Hello all!

Last week we had a Zone activity at the beach on Monday so we weren't able to email so here is a quick review of highlights from that week!

We had the opportunity to go to the Oakland Temple last Friday and it was an incredible experience. It was so beautiful and so peaceful there. I could really feel the love of my Heavenly Father so strongly within those walls of that stunning, eternal palace of God. I encourage all who can to attend one of the temples either inside or at
a visitors' center nearby you! The temple is a literal piece of heaven on earth and I love it there. I cannot wait to enter its' doors to be sealed one day to my future husband for time and all eternity, what an amazing day that will be.

We also had General Conference last weekend, which is where the prophet and apostles for the whole world speak to us from Heavenly Father about how we can strengthen ourselves and our families in an ever growing sinful and treacherous world. I am so grateful for the words of these men called of God to offer council and guidance for us every six months. I absolutely loved their words! It gave me so much motivation and hope to be a better person and missionary!!

Liabelle is still doing well and Stephanie is still as strong and inspiring as ever. We taught her and her husband Cristian The Plan of Salvation and they loved it and said they felt the spirit and that it was true. I am so excited for them!

Spiritual thought for the week! "Reach up, not out." - Robert D. hales, Quorum of the 12 Apostles. I love this! We need to always rely on our Heavenly Father first! He is our loving Father in Heaven and wants to help us with everything we will entrust to His care.

Thank you all for your love and support!

Hermana Taylor
1520 Branham Ln. Apt. #50
San Jose, CA

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