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Hola ~ August 24, 2015

Hello Everyone!

Sorry I was unable to email the last couple weeks! Our Zone, a group of us missionaries went to the Beach! It was super fun! And so so pretty! I love California!

Hermana Quintana and I have seen so many miracles! I LOVE being a missionary! I love the schedule where I always feel like I'm doing something important and worth while, I love how I am always so worried and
concerned about our investigators (the people we teach) and talking to everyone we possibly can on the streets, and I love the feeling or making a difference. I have seen this message touch lives already! It is beautiful!

I have met So many amazing and incredible people here in California! I am positive that they have changed my life way more than I have changed theirs. The Spanish is a hard thing. It sometimes is really frustrating when I feel as though I can't always communicate. I can talk A LOT better than I can understand. It Kills me. I want to understand and help these people so badly but many times I can't understand fully what they are saying. So if everyone can pray for me and ask everyone they know to pray for me that I can have the gift of tongues and discernment. So I can help these amazing people come unto Christ. I know that even with this language
barrier I can still bring the spirit of the Lord through the simple, precious truths of the gospel and my testimony and the spirit is always the teacher anyway.

There is not a scarier, more stressful, nerve-racking time for a missionary than Sunday at church. When you've worked So hard all week to visit and teach and invite and share and work to help people come unto Christ by
keeping commitments like reading their scriptures, praying, and Coming To Church. And they tell you they will come to church and you sit there praying so hard that they're the next ones to walk in the chapel because
Sacrament Meeting starts in 2 minutes or even better started 5-10 minutes ago... Every week. It's terible! But when they walk in the chapel it is the BEST feeling and you thank Heavenly Father every second of that meeting
they are there. So stressful but So rewarding :)
Yesterday we were blessed to have another baptism. It is amazing for me because this is a person that we Found, Taught, and Baptised. It was incredible.

We had a baptism last Sunday of a 10 year old adorable girl named Jazzy!
She was so excited and it was great! It was a miracle that her Mom agreed!
We were very happy :)

We had the amazing pleasure to witness another baptism of our incredible investigator Lalo. He is so special and dear to my heart because he was someone that we Found, taught All the lessons to, and was able to see
baptised all within the Month of August! It is so amazing to see how the Lord truly does prepare people to receive the gospel of Jesus Christ in their lives. I am so blessed to have been able to be a part of his conversion and see Christ change his life completely! He could not stop smiling yesterday and he told us that he felt completely different and at peace and happy. I am SO HAPPY for him!

Hermana Quintana leaves tomorrow for her home. She has served amazingly these past 18 months and I am so glad I was able to have her as my companion and trainer these 5 weeks! Everyone pray also that I can have the
help and guidance from God to be able to lead this area and help and teach the people here with my new companion!

There is no other place in the entire world I would rather be than right here in California on a mission teaching this beautiful gospel! I love you all!! Email or write me with any questions! :)

H. Taylor :)

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