Tuesday, December 15, 2015

California Bound ~ July 21, 2015

Hello All!

I cannot believe my time at the CCM here in Mexico is over! it´s crazy! Tomorrow morning at 6:00am I fly out to my mission in California! I really hope that these 6 weeks have been enough for me to be able to teach and love the people of California the way they deserve.

The teacher, Hermano Silva, that we taught the first week as Christian was playing his good friend Paula. It was very difficult to teach because he didn´t believe in God at all and had a terrible car accident happen to his family that caused him to question why God lets bad things happen to good people. On Thursday, Hermano Silva brought Paula to the CCM and we had the opportunity to teach her and hear her concerns and beliefs from her own mouth. It was an incredible experience to address her fears of believing and her painful trials with powerful scriptures and heartfelt testimonies from my companion and me. At the end of all our lessons, Paula said that she could feel the truth of our words and that her faith was growing little by little. We asked her to pray at the end and she said yes. It was the most humble and simple prayer. All I could think was: ¨How great is this work.¨

Many of you will remember the first week I related that after praying to Heavenly Father to get a Spanish speaking Companion, I was paired with a quiet girl who didn´t know what agua meant. Well, the gift of tongues is so real... My companion is incredible. She can hold a conversation and often times corrects me in lessons on my grammar and conjugations. I find myself asking her words I don´t know daily. Amazing, she is so incredible and I love her! Español is beautiful and coming along and will continue to get better and better!

I had to say goodbye to my teachers as well as my great district this weekend! It was very hard! Our teachers have been there through thick and thin, helping us, and guiding us to be the very best missionaries we can be. And my district... I don´t know where to begin, they have been truly a family these 6 weeks. We have done everything together helping and aiding each other to progress. It is very evident that we are NOT the people we were 6 weeks ago. We are stronger, happier, know a LOT more Spanish, and much more loving of the gospel and Jesus Christ. All my district left on Monday so I´ve been paired with other people the past two days until I leave as well. I miss them already but I know they´ll be amazing in Texas and California!

I cannot wait for tomorrow! To be in my beautiful mission with amazing people! :) I love this work. I love teaching people about Christ and how they can change their lives for the better.

Thank you for all your emails! Next time you hear from me I´ll be in California teaching real investigators all day! You can now send me letters! Yay! :)

Hermana Taylor

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