Tuesday, December 15, 2015

An Amazing Week 3 ~ June 30, 2015

Hello Everyone!

This has been the best week at the MTC thus far! I love it here! The environment here is indescribable. I am constantly surrounded by so many amazing people, missionaries (Elders and Sisters), natives, and teachers. I have become so much closer with my district and the Hermanas in my casa, they are all great people; I love them.

The days here are definitely picking up speed with is great! But also scary for my Spanish´s sake! Spanish is coming along though! Getting better everyday! Schedules run very tight here! Wake up at 6:30 everyday even weekends, leave our house at 7 and then get back at 9:30 at night lights out at 10:30, sleep and repeat! Hermana Hansen and I are always speed walking across the beautiful MTC campus in the MIDDLE of Mexico city to get somewhere! We study in a class or outside all day: personal study, companion study, lesson preparation, and lessons with teachers, all day. And the food is still super rough. But we are getting it!

The Hermanas in my district are Great! Last week we had a bathroom break and Hermana White was in a stall so, as the funny person I am, I thought I would try to hold her door shut while the other Hermanas watch. She tried to open it then we hear, ¨Oh my gosh you guys! I think I´m trapped in here!¨ Literally we all started dying laughing and she looked down and saw my fingers holding it. We have a good laugh occasionally :)

We visited the temple today in Mexico City. It is so beautiful. We couldn´t go inside because it is closed for cleaning but it was just amazing to see it and think about how incredible it is that through these temples Families can be together forever. I love my family and I am so grateful for being sealed to my eternal family.

During our lesson yesterday with a man named Miguel, He is divorced and feels like his life has no purpose or direction. The Spirit was incredibly strong and my companion taught and asked questions and he understood our less than par Spanish. Walking out of that lesson, we both looked at each other and said the spirit guided that whole lesson. We both talked and realized we had said things neither of us could or would have even thought of without the Spirit to help and guide our minds, hearts, and tongues. Truly an Amazing feeling.

Last week my companion Hermana Hansen and I were teaching just a mini lesson to a native LDS Member here and I´ll be honest, it was pretty bad. Her Spanish was way faster than we were used to! But she was the sweetest lady, a mom, and a diligent follower of Christ. At the end, in our broken EspaƱol, we asked if she would pray. We knelt in prayer and as she spoke her voice broke and she started to cry which, of course made me start to tear up. She asked God to bless us, our wonderful families at home and our future investigators. It was the most humble, beautiful prayer, the spirit was so strong. When she said Amen I opened my eyes and we both, with tear filled eyes, hugged. It was one of the best hugs I have ever recieved. We cried and held each other for a while and after she just kept saying, ¨Gracias, gracias.¨ Can I just say: I love these people.

Please everyone go watch this video about Jesus Christ, feel uplifted, and then have an incredibly amazing week. I am so thankful for you all! And I always love emails :)

Hermana Taylor
Mexico City, CCM

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