Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Officially A California Missionary ~ July 27, 2015

Hello All,
Well this week was Super exciting! I absolutely LOVE it here in California already! i am in the San Jose South area and my companion and trainer is Hermana Quintana from Utah. She is a fluent Spanish speaker and I love her so much! We are great together!

I left Mexico at 2:30 am on Wednesday. The Brother who drove me didn't stop at a red light and I just thought um... okay. He then turned to me and said, "We have to run all the lights because otherwise robbers might try something." So yea, we ran every light all the way to the airport and I was okay with that!
I spent 2 hours at the airport waiting for my flight talking in my broken Spanish to a darling lady named Maria! We talked about her life and about the gospel of Jesus Christ. I taught her about the Plan of Salvation and what happens after this life. We exchanged emails and pictured of Christ. She is the sweetest and gave me a huge hug before we left! I love these people!
When I arrived to the mission field we went straight out to contact! It was scary at first but honestly such an incredibly experience! We talked to one young lady named Melissa who's going though some hard times. We gave her the Book of Mormon and told her about a church function that night and she seemed really interesting. Later that night she came in crying and said that she had been reading the Book of Mormon and wanted to be baptised. Wow. It was an amazing experience that really showed me that everyone I talk to can really be ready and can change their lives.
At a members house on Thursday he asked if I liked spicy things (all in Espanol) and I said yes and he got up and came back with a bucket of JalapeƱos and plopped a big one down on my plate. I told him I wasn't scared and ate the whole thing! Eek! They all took pictures of me eating it haha. Then I took another out and put it on HIS plate and he laughed then ate it.
I love the people here in San Jose already. I am so blessed to be here and experience the beautiful change that is possible though our Savior, Jesus Christ. My Spanish still has a long way to go, and I have many lives to touch and people to help, but I know that with the help of Christ and guidance of the Spirit I can be an aid and inspiration for people who want to change thier lives for the better. I love this gospel and this opportunity I have to share it here in California!
You can also now send me letters and such!
1520 Branham Ln Apt. 50
San Jose, California 95118

Adios everyone!
Hermana Taylor

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