Tuesday, December 15, 2015

On Miracles ~ August 31, 2015

Sometimes it's hard: our investigators drop us, our bap dates fall through, our friends or family are having a hard time, our companions leave us after 5 weeks or we get a hard comp, or the less actives we've been visiting for weeks promise to and then Never come to church. But through all this we see so many miracles! Cada dia nosotros tenemos muchos milagros que ayudanos a peseverar y nostros sabemos que Dios nos ama mucho y es siempre aqui para nosotros. Y nuestros investagadores y menos activas y todos pueden cambiar y todo que nostros podemos es tratar con diligencia y fuerza y fe y Dios nos ayudara. 

I don't know why I went all spanish I just love this language and these people and everything that we do here on the mission every day. Sometimes I feel like im not doing enough or am not successful but then we will meet one person or have one lesson that I just think. Wow. It's all worth it. All the heartache and sorrow in behalf of these precious souls is worth it. When you see the smile on the face of you investigator as he comes out of the waters of baptism after 3 weeks of changing his life completely around. The joy you feel as your less active family for the first time in 5 months walks in the chapel. The tears you cry when you teach a deaf and mute young man about jesus christ through spelling out spanish words using sign language and writing things down becuase that's the only way you can communicate (And I was sad about MY not being able to talk to people, lessons). When you teach someone who has never prayed in their entire life how to pray. Tehse moments are the most beautiful things in the world and I get to experience them. Heavenly Father chose Me to come and be graced with teaching and helping these spirits. Wow, it is just So worth it. All the bad is completely and utterly worth it.

H. Taylor

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