Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Hermana Taylor Here! ~ October 19, 2015


Your California missionary here with another amazing week to report on!

So my new companion is Sister Hill from Missouri! They just did a little flip in our apartment , so now Sister Hill's with me and Sister Reyes is with Sister Harward (Sister Hill's previous comp). It's a little weird to all still be in the same casa just flip flopped but it has been great, I loved Sister Hill to death already then she became my amazing companion! Sister Hill is fantastic and I have already learned so much from her! We are very excited for this transfer and all the miracles we will see and the people we will meet, teach, and help come closer to Christ.

So Sister Hill has only been out one transfer longer than me! And go figure, neither of us know Spanish! We've hit language study hard and talked a lot more. This week has been an incredible experience with an impressive learning curve! It's really been birth by fire because both of our trainers were natives so we could just rely on them for everything. Now, it's you understand and talk or you don't teach or even communicate at all. I Love It! I have never felt more comfortable with the language in being able to speak or understand. I am to the point where I can start to joke around with people in Spanish (aka be myself) and it has been great because it really opens people up and builds that bond between us even more.

Lalo and Christian Pantoja, my recent converts, are doing really well! Lalo told us that he wants to go on a mini mission! I am so excited for him, can't wait! And Christian, wow, I have literally never heard such cute and sincere prayers. Every time he prays I smile because he ays something completely unexpected and perfect like: Please help my mom to get baptized so we can go to heaven together or help Lalo to go on a mission and then me to go too when I'm old enough. It gives me so much joy to be part of these wonderful lives! I love this work!

We had a beautiful baptism on Saturday for Juan! He was such a ready person; it's been great to see how the Lord prepares people to receive the gospel into their lives and Juan was definitely one of them! I know the Lord has sent me to California to find, teach, and help these people on their way to a new life in Christ. I have had the amazing opportunity to see Juan an others enter into that new life by way of baptism. It is the most sweet joy to see someone you love and have taught for weeks in that special moment. I am so excited for Juan! He is so great! It was also the most smooth sailing baptism I have ever experienced! Everything seemed to go just perfectly!

Right after the baptism I started to feel awfully nauseous. We had a missionary event we were singing for and the moment we got there I found myself on the floor of the bathroom with my head over the bowl. My sweet but helpless companion outside the stall occasionally asking if I was okay and if there was anything she could do. I am sure it was a silly sight to see! When I felt okay enough to leave the bathroom we went to the chapel, sang (nailed it) and then went right back to my spot on the tile. Sister Hill told me I was Super pale and "clammy" which I didn't even know what that meant but a worried looking mother informed me that Sister Hill was right, I was definitely pale and "clammy". I spent the next hour either sleeping on the couch with the worried mother over me every 5 minutes and the bathroom floor. What a night! :)

I love this work! I am so blessed to be here with these amazing people! I love this work and I am so happy and blessed to be here!

Thanks everyone!

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