Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Sister Shake-Up ~ October 12, 2015

Hello :)

So... My companion got a transfer call on Saturday. So I'll get another new comp! There was this whole dramatic inter mission thing that happened but, out of it Hermana Hill, Reyes, and I all found out beforehand that we're switching companions. Explanation: Sister Reyes is becoming Coordinating Sister Training Leader with Hermana Harward already in our casa (now, coordinating STL in our mission is Huge, she's the sister form of Assistant to the president or AP, she'll be prez's right hand woman with sister Harward helping decide transfers and going on exchanges throughout the mission and what not) and so, they decided to switch us comps. Sister Hill is moving to be my comp and sister Reyes will be Sister Harward's comp. Craziness.

In our casa-
So before:    Sister Taylor/Reyes + Sister Hill/Harward  = quadpanionship
After tomorrow: Sister Taylor/Hill + Sister Harward/Reyes (Co. STLs) = quadpanionship

Honestly, this is how I feel: Sister Hill is my best friend on the mission so I am super stoked to be comps! We already made comp goals on an exchange and we're totally on the same page. I'm also nervous but very excited because my Spanish will explode this transfer. Sister Hill has been out one transfer longer than me but, her trainer didn't let her speak in any lessons so she knows Very little Spanish. So that means I will be talking a lot and we'll be working super hard with language study and practicing and everything because neither of us know what we're doing! So! It will be amazing to have to rely completely and utterly on the spirit because half the time I still don't understand what people are saying! So nervous to teach but also very excited to be serving with her and in this situation. We will see many miracles! I hope all that made sense. I'm wondering if I'll ever get a comp for longer than a transfer, it's like I keep running everyone off!

So, Maria's husband/ Lalo's dad is the most frustrating person I know, so mean. He gets drunk all day everyday and everyone in the family is scared of him. He is so controlling. He never lets Maria do ANYTHING, church, get baptized, lessons even. But! We got an exciting text from Lalo, my recent convert, saying that his dad left the house. So we immediately put shoes on and left calling Maria's member friend. We had an amazing lesson and though she was sad about her husband she said she would go to the temple with our member and to church and
wants to get baptized in 2 weeks! It was awesome. Then... Friday, the dad came back and everything is, yet again, destroyed. She couldn't go to the temple or come to church and neither did Lalo or Christian, my recents. She has tricked herself into thinking this is a good thing he's back for the kids but obviously it's not good to see your father consistently drunk and yelling and scaring everyone. That family needs a lot of prayers so send them their way.

You all are amazing and my support. Thanks for being who you are and I hope you all have an incredible week!! :)

Hermana Taylor

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